Among Us – How to Play Online


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Online multiplayer gaming can be found across most major consoles and PC platforms and is sure to offer something to fit any preference – whether fast-paced action or calmer, more sedate play styles. Whatever it may be, there’s sure to be something that speaks to you online!

Create a room

Online gaming lets you create rooms for friends to join. Each room has settings that can be changed at any time; for instance, selecting how many players and race types will participate is just one example; practice runs can also help those with slower connections prepare before entering an actual race.

Your room’s privacy levels can also be customized – when private, only invited friends may join; 3Dream provides tutorials to show how this can be accomplished.

Skribbl is another excellent online game that you should try for free here – this drawing and sentence interpretation game allows up to 30 players! So come it a go for yourself now.

Join a room

Among Us supports local gameplay if you and your friends are connected to the same network, providing reduced latency and wait times compared to online play. To join a locally hosted game, launch the game and tap/click on ‘Local’ on the home screen – your character should automatically be transferred into the lobby, where you can select map/impostor settings as desired. Also, unlike online games, local ones don’t require sharing room codes with your friends – tap/click their name when in their lobby to quickly join their fun!

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