Apps That Tell You Where Movies Are Streaming


Whether it’s subscription services such as Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, or Netflix; or free platforms like Pluto TV or Tubi, finding movies and shows is sometimes challenging – however, there are apps designed to assist in that search process. Find out the best info about Fmovies.

The top choices include JustWatch, Reelgood, and TV Time.


JustWatch makes keeping up with streaming services easier by letting you search a single site for all available options – from free streaming, subscriptions, rentals, and purchases – and filter searches by subscribed services, release year, genres, or MPAA age ratings.

Searching by title or actor is simple and fast; you can narrow your results further using a magnifying glass button. This results page lists where and when each movie or TV show can be streamed or rented for viewing/rental and details regarding the synopsis and price of purchasing digital copies.

JustWatch offers both a free version and a Pro version for $2.99 per month, and accounts can be created with either an email address alone or by linking with Facebook and Apple accounts. JustWatch collects data to send personalized advertisements; you can opt-out by accessing your account settings. Available on both iOS/Android devices as well as web access.


Reelgood is a streaming service aggregating movies and TV shows from multiple streaming services and platforms into an easy user experience, enabling you to browse content by genre, release date, and IMDB rating. Furthermore, Reelgood allows you to create watchlists of specific movies or shows.

Reelgood offers subscription services and a free-to-use service called Reelgood TV while supporting many popular streaming services, such as HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Showtime, and Acorn TV Crunchyroll. Reelgood also tracks movies and TV shows coming onto new streaming platforms or leaving current ones.

Reelgood stands out among competing streaming guides such as JustWatch by providing access to TV shows and movies across multiple platforms and features that help track TV series like you don’t watch or get notifications when new seasons arrive. Access Reelgood through your browser or iOS or Android phone apps as well as Roku, Apple TV (tvOS), Android intelligent TVs, or LG intelligent TVs – plus their website!

TV Time

TV Time is a free-to-download app designed to track movies and shows. Its intuitive user interface makes logging film titles effortless; users can respond with emoticons to films/shows they watched; select the platform where it was observed; leave reviews/comments about what they watched; create custom lists; etc. To know more, check out fmoviesto

Not only can the app track movies or television shows, but it can also track where viewers left off watching a series. Furthermore, it offers recommendations based on genre and popularity considerations.

Reelgood and Serializd require users to share their viewing habits with family and friends; TV Time’s private profile option enables users to protect their data while curating watchlists for themselves or with family and friends.

While all three apps offer similar features, TV Time and Reelgood focus on tracking specific shows or movies and providing streaming options for them, at the same time, Qewd takes advantage of its social element by gathering recommendations from friends and influencers within its network.


When it comes to finding movies to watch, most people turn to reviews found online; however, often, the best recommendations come from friends you already know. With Friendspire’s app, you can take advantage of real-time word-of-mouth recommendations from your social circle for finding movies, TV shows, books, and restaurants of various genres and streaming services.

The “Find” menu allows users to search by genre and streaming service or peruse curated lists of movies to watch – including top rom-com, Netflix thrillers, and captivating true crime podcasts. Furthermore, it enables them to keep their list of desired films.

Friendspire is an intimate group of friends that reviews and shares TV shows, films, books, podcasts, and restaurants – much like Instagram or Yelp but without all of the trolling or purchased reviews. Friendspire founders Markus Straarup and Morten Schroeder left their jobs at Novo Nordisk and Boston Consulting Group, respectively, to focus full-time on turning their dream project into reality.


Unlike other apps, YouTube TV does not distinguish between free movies and ones with costs; instead, it treats them all as part of its skinny bundle TV service, streaming movies based on which channels you subscribe to or watch based on an easy user interface. Both live shows, as well as on-demand episodes, are supported.

As with TV Time, MovieCrowd isolates titles by genre and recommends similar films. Like TV Time, users can rate each movie they see to teach the app how to recommend future titles – plus, its free version can be used on Android and iPhone devices!

YouTube recently unveiled its official ad-supported streaming service Primetime Channels, aggregating content from other services like Showtime, HBO, and Paramount+ into one user-friendly interface. They will also offer their original shows. It works across mobile and desktop devices in the US, is user-friendly with HD quality support, and boasts movies from Sony production houses.

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