Building Your Own Website


First, you’ll need to pick a domain name.

A domain name (like is simply the address of a website. Short, descriptive domain names ending ,.net, are ideal for tutorials on website creation. A good domain name is one that people can easily remember, type in, and associate with your intended content.

Certainly easier to say than do. Just try it…

Create a list of high-level search terms directly relevant to your website’s focus. It would be best if you tried considering at least ten keywords. Then, you can modify the word by adding a prefix or suffix, such as the, my, top, pro, best, super, ultra, etc. Use Google if you need assistance thinking of unique prefixes and suffixes. The first few search results for “domain prefixes suffixes” should have the necessary information.

You should now have a sizable list of possible domain names. We must now determine which, if any, of these domain names are still available. I suggest using a domain search engine like to accomplish this. Again, a simple Google search like “bulk domain search” will lead you to several domain search tools.

Second, decide on a web hosting service.

I suggest using a well-known “brand” domain hosting provider like Go Daddy, HostGator, Bluehost, BrainHost, etc. when learning how to construct a website. If you’re looking for a hosting service, choose one that includes a free domain name in your plan. A domain name can be purchased from a company like if you cannot discover a hosting plan that includes a free domain upon sign-up. You need not use the same company to buy your name and hosting services.

Creating a website does not necessitate the use of a premium web host. Don’t stray too far from monthly costs of $10 or less. Your domain should be hosted on a Linux server with cPanel and WordPress installed. A package that includes limitless free domain hosting is another feature I think you’ll find helpful. As a result, you won’t have to shell out more cash to acquire additional plans each time you want to add a new name (also known as an “add-on domain”).

WordPress Setup, Stage 3

Here comes the exciting part of creating a website. After purchasing a domain name and web hosting, your chosen provider should have emailed you with account details. Find the part of the email where the cPanel URL, user ID, and password are mentioned. Put this information in a secure location and write it down!

1) Open a web browser, like Internet Explorer, and go to the browser’s address bar. In this case, type the cPanel web address.
2) Enter your cPanel credentials and click the Enter button.
3) Once in cPanel, go for the “Software/Services” section and then select the “Fantastico De Luxe” icon.
4) Once you’ve entered Fantastico, check to the left for the “Blogs” section and select the “WordPress” option.
5) Navigate to “New Installation” under the “WordPress” heading.
The sixth step is to fill out the form and click the “Install WordPress” button.
7) Select “Finish Installation” from the menu.

Creating a website is as simple as that! Your website is live and working now! Go ahead and put it to the test by visiting your domain in a web browser. The next step is to make your website more unique to you…

Step 4: Personalize the Website

WordPress offers a plethora of pre-made themes that may be customized to achieve the exact feel and design you want for your site. These templates are widely distributed over the web and included with WordPress at no cost. A web browser can manage Your new site by entering your domain name and “/wp-admin” (without quotes). To access your WordPress site, enter your username and password and click the “Log In” button. After that, a page will load where you may start changing your WordPress site.

To change the look of your site, head to the left side of the page and select “Appearance,” followed by “Themes.” A preview of the currently active theme will appear here. You can install new themes by selecting the “Install Themes” tab above the “Current Theme” option. There is a wide variety of themes to pick from. If you wish to explore all topics, click the “Search” button without entering the search parameters. However, I recommend using the filters instead. Look for a small preview image and the words “Install Theme” beneath it to use a theme. And that concludes the process of creating a website.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use this information to build a solid foundation for your first website. Visit How to Make a Website for More Information or to Get Your FREE Copy of the eBook “How to Create Your First Website by 3:45 This Afternoon.”

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