How Long Does It Take to Put Up Gutters?


Professional gutter installations typically take one day to complete. It’s possible that a seasoned DIYer with assistance would need about the same amount of time. Do not expect me to speculate on the motivations of the typical enthusiast or homeowner.

It would be challenging to estimate how long a novice will take to learn from scratch. Then something happens that doesn’t belong in the sequence, and step four is something else, and all of a sudden, we’re trying to estimate how long a newcomer will spend baffled or reverting to an earlier state.

I know you must be laughing right about now, but I promise I’m not being facetious. Just too many terrifying tales have reached my ears. DIYers should think about the time it takes professionals and extrapolate from there.

Based on the total linear feet of gutters to be installed, most gutter contractors can provide a pretty accurate estimate over the phone. Most works may be finished in a day, even if they involve working on soffits or fascia boards.

Do not freak out if your installer calls to tell you he needs to push back his scheduled arrival date by a day or two. The arrival of your contractor may be delayed due to inclement weather or unforeseen complications. Once engaged in your project, a true professional will not move on to another one until yours is finished. There may be times when this causes delays, but in the long run, the client benefits.

A reliable gutter company will be able to advise you over the phone and assist you in identifying if any additional issues may need fixing. Occasionally, the issue is not noticeable until the old gutters are removed, so a tear-down is necessary. In most cases, the issues uncovered in this manner are relatively minor compared to the more significant issues that have already emerged in other ways.

There are indicators you and your gutter installer can look for. Do puddles form and become frozen during the winter? Do any gutters break down in the winter or during strong rains?

Even if new gutters are placed, leaks can create mold, rot, water in the basement, and other problems that should be remedied. Otherwise, the resulting damage could worsen.

A professional gutter business will inspect your home’s soffits, fascia boards, and other similar components. If you’re interested, you can find free movies on our website that address some of these concerns.

You can be better prepared for your gutter contractor’s visit if you have the knowledge and do a little research like the kind that led you to this post. If this is your first time using a contractor, this fact alone may provide peace of mind.

These “pain in the butt” surprises can be lessened even more by being a well-informed consumer about gutter systems in general. You want to reduce as much uncertainty as possible, and one way to achieve that is by being educated because nobody likes “surprises” that wind up costing them extra money.

You may expect your gutter installers to arrive and finish the job in a day. You shouldn’t be surprised if they finish sooner if they are legit. They persist in this practice daily. While it’s likely novel to you, it’s likely business as usual for them.

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