How to Read One Piece Manga Online: Review



Where can you usually read the One Piece Manga online? The iconic series by Eiichiro Oda has been ongoing since July 1997. Meanwhile, the anime adaptation by Toei Animation began airing in 1999. For those who want to start the manga or watch the series as usual, there are tons of terrific websites and apps where you can read One Piece online.

Where to read the One Piece manga?

Fans read One Piece Chapter 1102 digitally on Viz Media’s official website, Shueisha’s MangaPlus website, and the Shonen Jump+ app. Apart from chapter 1102, the previous two chapters are also usually available for free reading on Shonen Jump. But if you wish to start from the beginning and get access to Shonen Jump’s entire vault of over 15,000 Manga titles, then a $2.99/month subscription price would provide what’s needed. The fee will be charged after you go through a 7-day free trial. So, you get that advantage as well!

As per the spoilers of the previous chapter 1101, a flashback involving Kuma reveals one of his old trips with the Revolutionary Army. Then, the story continues to Chapter 1100, where Kuma arrives to watch a 16-year-old Luffy practice the abilities he got with the Devil Fruit.

Then, as Kuma continues his journey, Bonney remains captive at Alpha’s compound until she turns 10. But she does well to hide her devil fruit abilities while Conney plans her escape along with a few other citizens. Eventually, she finds her way out of the Sorbet Kingdom by punching Alpha away. Now, it’ll be interesting to see how the story continues from Chapter 1102 onwards.

Two of the best websites to read One Piece manga online:

1. Manga Plus website:

Manga Plus is Shueisha’s official online manga platform. The manga series that Shueisha covers that have English chapters are available on this online platform. The first three chapters and the latest three chapters of each series are available to read for free. The older chapters are also available to read for free on the app, but they are only viewable once. The branches of the ongoing manga series are out at the same time as its release in Japan.

2. Shonen Jump website:

Shonen Jump is Viz Media’s official online manga platform. Just like Manga Plus, Viz Media generally has a large amount of English chapters available for many of the series in their library. You can also read the first three chapters and the latest three chapters of each string for free. However, to unlock more content, you need to have a Shonen Jump subscription.

Best apps to read One Piece manga online:

  • Manga Plus app: Manga Plus also has a designated app available. The app allows you to access all the chapters of a series for free. However, you can only access each chapter once for free. Manga Plus is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Shonen Jump app: The Shonen Jump app usually has “a digital of over 15,000 manga chapters”. On the website, you can read the first three chapters and the latest three chapters of a series for free. However, to access more content, you need to get a Shonen Jump subscription.

A Shonen Jump subscription is $2.99/month. Upon subscribing, you also get seven days free. Shonen Jump is on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The post How to Read One Piece Manga Online appeared first on – Movie Trailers, TV & Streaming News, and More.

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