Know the Story of Udaariyaan


Udaariyaan follows two sisters, Jasmine & Tejo, as they embark upon their passion for moving to Canada – with its impact being felt across every aspect of their lives and futures. Find out the best info about Udaariyaan Written Update.

This show stars Isha Malviya and Priyanka Chaudhary in its main cast. Airing on Colors TV, Voot provides streaming options.

Jasmine & Tejo

Jasmine and Tejo are sisters with different personalities: Jasmine is an adventurous dreamer with hopes of moving to Canada; at the same time, Tejo prefers staying close to family in Punjab and furthering her education.

In the last episode, we saw Jasmine falsely claim her pregnancy and convince Amrik she has an infant daughter. To avoid any consequences for this act, she pays a doctor to back her lie; but later, the doctor reveals her to all her village neighbors and calls the police on Jasmine herself! Tejo was shocked that Amrik wasn’t the father.

Meanwhile, Yash plays an integral part in this drama; Jasmine marries him to get revenge against Tejo and fulfill her dream of immigrating to Canada; only later does she discover he only married her for revenge and mistreats her.

In the upcoming episodes, Yash will reveal to Satti and Rupy his feelings for Jasmine and attempt to capture her, only for it not work out as planned. Furthermore, he’ll inform them he isn’t Amrik’s husband before Jasmine leaves, leaving a letter for her family in her wake – will she return or not? Stay tuned!

Fateh & Nehmat

Udaariyaan’s most recent episode was filled with drama as Jasmine once more caused havoc. Jasmine left Moga and Tejo once more permanently, writing letters to both parents about Nehmat not being her biological daughter and telling them so in her letter. Nehmat was upset to read these words, sobbing as soon as she found it in Tejo’s locker later.

Fateh and Tejo discover they are her biological parents. Although initially surprised, the sisters decide to keep this information to themselves for the benefit of their family unit; they subsequently name Naaz their adopted daughter, whom they live with as sisters. Jasmine marries Yash and relocates to Canada to pursue her lifelong goal – to leave Moga behind forever.

Udariyaan’s latest promo hints that there may be an unexpected turn in its story, with Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Choudhary leaving and being replaced by Twinkle Arora and Sonakshi Batra – making an apparent generation shift possible! We shall have to see whether that happens or not! Stay tuned for further news and updates regarding Udaariyaan; keep watching on Colors TV!

Ekam & Nehmat

Udaariyaan’s final episode depicted Advait and Malika, Fateh’s brothers, engaging in an illicit relationship that involved plotting to murder Renuka, Nehmat’s mother. However, before Advait and Malika could carry out their plan, Nehmat recorded and sent video footage to her sister that revealed Advait and Malika intimately interacting. Renuka was furious enough to throw Nehmat’s wedding ring into a nearby pond as punishment for Nehmat’s actions.

On tonight’s episode, Sonakshi Batra first appeared as Naaz Sandhu Bajwa – Nehmat’s adoptive cousin. Ekam and Nehmat will get engaged, but she will reject his proposal shortly after as she prefers Harleen more.

Future developments of this storyline will see Jasmine and Tejo’s daughter Naaz dreaming of traveling to Canada like their mom, Fateh practicing boxing instead. Jasmine attempts to fulfill Naaz’s wish when she discovers Manish’s photo in Canada, which shocks and angers her even further, thus leading to further accusations against Nogat for ruining their lives and ultimately sparking a fight between sisters Jasmine and Nogat.

Harleen & Ekam

Colors TV’s popular series Udaariyaan will take an exciting turn in its next episode. Starring Priyanka Choudhary and Ankit Gupta as Tejo Sandhu and Fateh Singh Virk, respectively, the show has quickly gained popularity to become one of the top-ten Hindi series available via satellite channel & Voot.

Fateh changes the story of the two sisters when he encounters Harleen, the daughter of Priyanka and Jasmine. Fateh meets Harleen for the first time & both fall for each other immediately. Harleen longs to leave her salon ke khet in India for Canada – unfortunately, fate has other plans in store as she’s about to marry someone else first!

Sartaj will inform Nehmat of Harleen’s theft, shocking and alarming her so much that Nehmat will confront her to retrieve their child back.

This show can be seen Monday to Saturday at 7 pm and streamed live through Voot. With such a huge fan base and multiple awards won for this production, it will surely entertain audiences of any age! Priyanka Choudhary, Ankit Gupta, Ram Aujla, and Gurvinder Gauri star as main characters.

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