Learn the Mentality of Email Marketing to Make Thousands Monthly from Your Lists.


A firm basis is necessary for the success of any modern business, whether online or offline.

Your company’s various “floors” represent the departments and operations that make it tick. Each floor of your skyscraper can be dedicated to a different marketing strategy, such as a newsletter, automated follow-up, free reports, eCourse, networking, etc.
Your company’s success is proportional to the quality of its foundation, which in turn is determined by the number of floors (or functions) it has.

Email marketing is the “basement” upon which each level is built.

Just give that some thought. You couldn’t have begun constructing your skyscraper’s floors without first engaging in email marketing and amassing a sizable, engaged subscriber base. A newsletter floor is impossible to imagine without a list of recipients. What good would it do to publish a newsletter if you had no one to distribute it to? If you didn’t engage in email marketing, you probably didn’t collect a prospect’s email address. Therefore, there’s no point in setting up an automated follow-up ceiling to contact them.

If you take a step back and examine your “skyscraper,” you’ll see that email marketing is the cornerstone upon which the rest of your efforts rest.

We can now say that email marketing is the bedrock of your company. We’re talking about online commerce here, but “real world” businesses also compile lists of clients and prospects by collecting contact information from business cards. The idea is that although we are concentrating on eBusiness, the same principles apply to every type of business, online or off.

A deeper foundation allows for a taller building, which is why the term is usually associated with construction.
The depth of the foundation determines the maximum height of the building that may be supported.

The concept behind your “skyscraper” (structure) is similar. You need more than simply a list; you need a “deep” understanding of email marketing.

With that in mind, let me clarify what I mean by “deep.” Grab a coffee, make yourself comfortable, and read on, for the height of YOUR “skyscraper” is entirely up to you once you understand its base. Ready??? Let’s get this ball rolling.

Diverse formats were considered, such as an e-course floor, a newsletter floor, and an auto-response floor. Should we create a single email list and use it across all of our feet for marketing purposes? The correct answer is that we have numerous lists, not just one. There are even lists within lists. You don’t put all your money into one stock when you invest, do you? Instead, it would be best if you spread your bets. To disperse one’s wealth. Email marketing allows us to grow and branch out with multiple lead generation and list expansion avenues.

Efficient – it’s great to have multiple lists! To get the most out of them, you need to know how to use them properly (yeah, we all hate those “buts”). Quality is far more important than quantity in any context. To successfully convert a lead into a paying customer, you must master the art of list manipulation.

You can’t just put on your “Siberia Polyester Suit” and expect to make a hard sell to your potential customers or members. Establishing credibility and connecting with them is essential. This is achieved through teaching them.
So, give them something useful, something they can get their teeth into, something of high quality and value. You’re laying the groundwork for a future friendship. In the real world, you learn about your clients because they keep returning to your business. It’s no different in the digital realm; people do business with those they already know, like, and trust. If you give your potential customers valuable information, they’ll trust you, like you, and eventually buy from you.

You must be proactive, always looking for new and better methods to connect with your audience and give them valuable information. Don’t stop showing them that material if you want them to buy from you. Whether making something from scratch or using something already out there, always ask yourself how to improve it and strengthen your foundation. Is there a way to enhance your lists and relationship with the prospect by including something of value to both parties? Take the initiative and, as the adage goes, “think outside the box.”

You now have an excellent working idea of what “deep” means in the context of your skyscraper, and that “deep” foundation is “email marketing.”
You get that variety is essential; therefore, the more people there create lists for you, the better. You’ll need to educate the people on your contact lists to get the most out of your contact lists. Give them a practical tool they can use in their enterprise. If you take the time to get to know your customers and earn their trust, they will return as repeat customers. Your ability to anticipate your needs and constantly question, “How can I use this to build a list?” has paid off.

Making lists is the most crucial task ever. Your entire strategy should involve getting new leads to sign up for your list so that you can send them your newsletter, eCourse, free eBook, etc., with their permission. As the skyscraper’s architect, it is your job to lay the groundwork using email marketing and YOUR lists.

How do you expand your list-making abilities and strengthen your foundation? I previously provided you with some suggestions; for example, you can increase your list size by advertising a newsletter, eCourse, or free reports.

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