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How to Get Rich through Free Advertising.

So, Exactly What Does “Free Advertising” Entail???

You must fully grasp the nature of free advertising before I go into the intricacies of HOW to receive free advertising.

To advertise your product for free, you only need a brief blurb or listing in a publication like a newsletter, book, manual, directory, etc. You see, marketing may be done for free as well. There are countless free methods to get people interested in your business or service.

Envision a dramatic increase in your bottom line by free press coverage. It’s a tremendous high that much I know. Let’s check out a method for getting free publicity that makes people thousands of pounds…

Promoting Products Through Word-Of-Mouth

Primarily, this strategy can be used to get free online exposure. These days, if you want to make a lot of money, you have to have some connection to the Internet. In addition, the success of viral campaigns attests to the immense potential of the web. The US market for this strategy is massive. has become so popular because of clever viral marketing. There you go. Hotmail implemented this strategy to increase brand awareness and recognition. It is your turn to follow suit at this point.

Although “viral marketing” may make you cringe, it’s a very effective strategy for raising brand awareness. Your marketing message will be propagated without anyone even realizing it. Here’s how to get others to promote your business at no cost and move lots of merchandise.

Using Hotmail as an example of viral marketing would be the simplest way to describe it. For those who are unaware, Hotmail provides free email services. They generate revenue through the sale of advertising space on their website. The more people that visit their site, the more money they can make from advertisers.

Now is the time to implement viral marketing. A promotional notice reading “Sign Up For Your Free E-Mail Address At” appears at the bottom of every email sent from a Hotmail account. People unknowingly promote Hotmail every time they send out an e-mail. It propagates like a virus. The company’s patrons are assisting in promoting the company’s website.

Learn How to Get Rich Writing a Free Ebook

Now, calm down. You don’t have to create ebooks (digital books) on your own. In a moment, I’ll explain how to quickly and easily create a unique eBook out of free resources on any topic you choose. However, you can make much money if you know how to advertise your eBook virally. Sending an eBook to a customer through email or download is free of charge, but it can generate hundreds of pounds in additional revenue. In a moment, I’ll illustrate this with an actual case.

You might charge ten, twenty, or thirty pounds for your eBook, so why not just give it away? Why? You may wonder, “Why should I give this information away for free?” To put it simply: free advertising. To illustrate how I drove more free visitors to my website, here’s an example.

I wrote a book titled “How to Make £5,000-£10,000 a Month from Home” that explains how to make that much money without leaving your house. A small remark reading “Receive Personal Millionaire coaching at” appeared at the bottom of each page. I gave this eBook free of charge to everybody who visited my site, regardless of whether or not they made a purchase. Finally, the deciding factor. The eBook came with all rights to resell or distribute freely.

And that’s when the viral marketing concept took off for my company. I feared that some people who downloaded my free eBook would ignore it. Others, though, would likely re-distribute it commercially. These individuals would then spread it to others, who would do the same. Are you beginning to get the logic here?

Thousands of people had heard of my website in just a few short months. While reading the eBook, thousands of visitors saw my website’s name repeatedly, eventually gave in to their natural curiosity, and checked out my site. Now, if your sales pitch is compelling enough, you can convert thousands of people who otherwise would never have seen your offer.

Even now, the eBook is being passed around like a virus. The number of people who have heard of my website grows daily. Wow, that’s incredible. Without spending a dime, I could attract many new clients that were previously unreachable. Perfect.

You Can Reach Millions of People With Ezines.

Here’s another fantastic method for spreading your eBook: e-zines.

E-zines are just electronic newsletters that are sent out to subscribers’ inboxes. E-zines cover an extensive range of topics. This is how free advertising in an e-zine read by your ideal customer base may bring in more cash than you could have imagined.

Again, the eBook is the focus, but the rest of the advice here applies to any product. The following example shows how I used it to advertise my company. This is not me trying to boost my ego. You’ll quickly grasp the concept if you can see it applied in practice.

I ran a Google search for “business opportunity ezines” because many of my audience is interested in purchasing business opportunities. Then I came across, a site I think you’ll find helpful. Here I discovered a directory of thousands of business opportunity ezines.

This is the cunning part of getting free promotion. I contacted the ezines and offered them free copies of my eBook, “How to Make £5,000 to £10,000 a Month from Home.” I assured them that their clientele would greatly appreciate giving out a high-quality money-making booklet for free. The only thing they had to do was put a link to my site in their ezine. The results were excellent.

There could be 10,000 readers of only one ezine. Thousands of them flooded my marketplace. Your free eBook might potentially reach hundreds of thousands of new clients if ezines choose to distribute it. Keep in mind that this isn’t the end of it. They contain reprint and distribution rights to spread your book to others. With your domain name prominently displayed at the bottom of every page, you’ll see a significant increase in traffic and revenue at no cost.

In other words, entrepreneurs would rather you not know this.

The wealthy have a secret that they keep to themselves. It’s a secret that you may make money by reselling free books, films, and audio cassettes. The phrase “public domain” describes this space.

An infinite supply of items in the public domain does not require a copyright. This means that you are free to do whatever you like with them. The copyright on all Charles Dickens novels has long since expired; thus, you can legally sell them in the P.B. at a 100% markup. To make money off the public domain versions of Dickens’ works, you could compile them onto a CD Rom and offer it as “The Ultimate Dickens’ Collection” on eBay. Astounding proof of the efficacy of the P.B. But since we’re discussing viral marketing, allow me to demonstrate how you may profit from information already in the public domain.

Just type these terms into the search bar at

To get accurate results from your Altavista search for “public domain,” “reprint rights,” “free reports,” “duplication license,” and “unlimited duplication,” you must use quotation marks around your search terms.

Then, you can look for something related to the product you’re trying to market. For instance, offering the resale rights to the “Ultimate Charles Dickens” collection would be useless if you were selling business chances. It would be best to have a free book that people would be eager to read and share to attract and retain customers.

After locating the book you want to use as a freebie, you must label the pages with your domain name. This concludes the discussion. Your FREE e-book has the potential to generate tens of thousands of dollars in accessible business!! Check out my ebook if interested; the layout draws folks to the site.

It’s Working! Give It a Go and See Your Revenue Soar!

Think of an inverted pyramid. This is the nature of viral advertising. When only a few people can access your eBook, this is the pyramid’s base. However, as more and more people join the pyramid, your earnings will skyrocket.

I understand if you find this method of advertising to be peculiar. When I first heard it, it had that effect on me. And there’s a good explanation for that…It has just recently made its way to the United Kingdom. You, my dear, are the financial master of the United Kingdom. Despite widespread use in the United States, this marketing strategy is hardly unknown.

With viral marketing and the current hot product (eBooks), you can get your message out there and drive traffic to your site. And that’s excellent news. Simply put, you can never fail to create more sales if you attract rather than repel customers. (an advertisement is one way to “push” people to your site).

As an illustration of viral marketing, I have discussed eBooks. However, this strategy is flexible enough to be applied in any industry. It could take some time, but eventually, you’ll think of something that works.

Viral marketing is a cost-free strategy for reaching a large audience. I believe that by implementing this revolutionary strategy, your earnings will skyrocket.

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