Marriage ceremonies – How to Save Money on Your wedding


The average wedding spending budget runs between £17 000. 00 and £25 000. 00 (yes, it appears more if you put the 0’s in). What can you do to reduce your wedding without compromising your entire day?

Generally, the most expensive parts of your day are:

The Church — usually costs around £500. 00. Church decoration may cost anything up to £5 000. 00 (believe me — I produced the video for your wedding)
The Reception — the sky is restricted but at least £35. 00 a head for the dinner, £20. 00 a go get the drinks plus an additional £25. 00 a go get the evening buffet. That may be at least £80. 00 for each guest – £800. 00 for ten, £8 000. 00 for 100.
The gown can cost £500. 00 to £2 500. 00 and much more.
Bridesmaids’ outfits – generally at least £100. 00 every.
The cake could be £500. 00 to £1 five hundred. 00.
Photography normally expenses £1500. 00 to £3 000. 00.
Wedding vehicles can cost £500. 00 to £1 five hundred. 00
Stationary and many invitations, at least £150. 00
You are already nicely on the way to spending £17. two hundred and fifty. 00. Could that become the deposit on a fairly fine house?

So how can you reduce what should be the greatest moment of your life?

Talk to men and women – many suppliers offer special prices for “Off Peak” weddings – normally weekdays, Sundays or from October to April.

Parents to save money, get help via friends and family, search out any musician and performer friends and ask them to conduct, find a well spoken, comfortable friend who can be your make master or master involving ceremonies. Most of us know someone who is good with makeup, hairstyling, design, crafts, etc. Parents, most people will be more than very happy to be a real part of your day. Have a “DIY” bash for your friends to help you using invitation, flowers, table style, favours and so on but be sure you give them some delicious appetizers and drinks as a many thanks.

Music. Contact your local college or university and ask if they have anyone you would perform at your wedding.

Maximize EBAY and the Wonderful Worldwide web. Check out OXFAM, where you could locate a new or ex-catwalk dress for as little as a third of the retail price.

Religious organization. Talk to the vicar for your church; if you are a regular religious organization goer, explain that you have a tight budget and nevertheless want to get married in the Religious organization and ask for his support. Do you need the Bells?, or possibly a choir – find out about employing a music CD; do you need some sort of copyright or PRS permit, or has the Church got one?

Save on Religious organization decoration by timing your mood to coincide with a non-secular holiday or flower celebration when the church will be decorated.

Unless you have a valid reason for getting married in Cathedral, consider using a Registry Workplace, wedding venue, Pub, Resort, village hall and so on. Numerous farmers have diversified into offering facilities ranging from an area to a designer venue, room for your reception, Estampie, converted barns, and so on.

Why don’t you enjoy doing the “Legal Bit” in a registry office and have the civil celebrant carry out a relaxed and gorgeous celebration of your marriage in your own home if you have space or a few other venues, fields, covering, barn, marquee etc.?

Wedding reception. Trim your guest listing, and then trim it once again. You don’t need to feel pressured to invite cousins, colleagues through work or distant family members. If you don’t invite anyone from the particular group, non-e of these will feel left out. Don’t let your pals bring their children or feel pressured to let single buddies bring a date. Every time you put in a name, you could add £50 to £100 or even more towards the cost (that’s a cool £1000. 00 for 10 people).

If your wedding and reception is in a hotel, request a substantial discount on the place rate for guests.

Confer with your caterer, be honest and don’t worry about asking whether a buffet can be cheaper than a sit-down meal; find out which are the least expensive parmi, nibbles and canapés. Question if you can supply your own alcohol, find out if just beer and wine would be cheaper compared to a full bar.

Most key supermarkets produce “party platters” with a selection of canapés, appetizers and nibbles. The Dress. Research prices, check out the Internet. Look for custom-made dress sample sales rapid if your size is 6, 6 or 10; you could find a total bargain, but the sales merely happen once a year. If you buy pre-owned, ensure the dress has been appropriately cleaned and is of good quality. You should save up to 80% on the new price tag. Oxfam has a specialist purchase wedding dresses, some of which are brand-new; ask them for details. Look at buying a beautiful suit or maybe an outfit that you can wear yet again. The so-called traditional Bright Wedding Dress is a Victorian technology along with all those expensive custom-made Christmas, birthday, get effectively soon, and wedding invites cards that we needlessly expend so much on.

Bridesmaids apparel. Will they but right now their own? Something that they might don again for a party and so forth. Does anyone know who might make the outfits, especially for small bridesmaids or young flower ladies?

Invitations. Save postage and printing costs by keeping all of them simple, use the excellent DIY design deals available online, leave out the actual RSVP card and ask visitors to reply by cell phone or e-mail.

The Dessert. Can someone make a dessert or decorate a shop-purchased cake for you? M, as well as S and several other shops, produce lovely wedding ceremony cakes which you can decorate with fresh fruit, flowers, chocolate and so on. Why not hire a dessert stand and buy some “designer cupcakes” – once again, check out the web for providers?

Having said all of this, you should consider those things to need professional help –

Big flower arrangements and centrepieces (do you need them? ). Really?

Bride and Maid-matron of honour bouquets as photographers, we come across far too many fall apart on the day, actually because the flowers have just been trapped into oasis foam without having wiring.

Your wedding dress — see above.

Your wedding dessert – again, see over.

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