Methods I Use to Increase Email Open Rates


Did you take note of the article’s title? It will be crucial in a second, so retake a quick look at it…

“The Secret to Having Your Emails Read by More People.”

Every list owner knows that to elicit a response from their subscribers via email, they must first persuade them to READ their emails.

But how can we accomplish this?

The days of simply emailing everyone on your contact list are long gone. It’s already a hassle to arrange for proper delivery of the product. Increasing the percentage of recipients who read your mailing takes some effort.

The good news is that there is a tried-and-true method for increasing the likelihood that people on your mailing list will open and read your messages.

One word: PRAYER!

Perhaps that isn’t the magic formula, but trying couldn’t hurt. LOL

Finally, effective “subject lines” are of utmost importance.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because the article’s title interested you enough to click on it.

That means it was successful.

This raises two crucial issues:

Why did my headline interest you enough to read the rest of my post and contact me?

2. What did I do differently that worked, and how can you leverage that in your email campaigns?

I will dissect the subject line I used (“How I get subscribers to read my emails”) into three main points to answer these two issues.

Focusing on the final goal is step one.

When you first saw my title, one of the things that attracted your eye was probably the desirable results I was getting, which YOU, too, would like to get.

“I need email subscribers.”

Every email marketer has one overarching goal: increasing the percentage of recipients who click through and read their messages.

So, right off the bat, there’s a clue that what I’m about to reveal has been shown to have positive outcomes.

All sales letters, classified ads, and email subject lines boil down to this, guys. The FINAL RESULT is what the reader should be focusing on.

Focus on the final result.

Is there anything in your email that could lead to a positive outcome for your subscribers?

Whenever a human being, whether male or female, receives your email, their first question is always, “What’s in it for me?”

Don’t hit “send” on that email until you know, without a doubt, that the subject line caters to the interests of the people on your list.

To be more specific, you may grab the attention of your subscribers by centering your content around a desirable outcome (or the absence of products if you’re utilizing the “fear of loss” technique).

Focus on the outcome you want to achieve: in this case, having subscribers open my emails.

Whatever goals YOUR list has for the mailing you will send, those goals will be achieved.

* Read 150 pages per hour at a rapid pace

Get discounted or free plane tickets

* Foster a future role model

* Take a vacation day once a week.

The Permanent Cure for Headaches *

* Shed 12 lbs. in just 14 days!

* Halve your wedding budget

Keep your family together!

The 30-day no-smoking guarantee *

Once you’ve settled on a “result” to strive for, there’s a second crucial factor to think about…

The second element is to set a good example.

Take this to heart: your achievements speak volumes more than any other factor.

When talking to someone who has just dropped a significant amount of weight, how often do you ask them…

The question, “How did you do it?”

My church’s youth pastor asked me to speak at a recent Wednesday night service for the young people in our congregation. I agreed, and for the next 45 minutes, those young adults sat attentively, transfixed.

After the service, the youth pastor approached me and asked, “How did you do it?”

He continued by saying that he has difficulty keeping their attention because they are never silent when he is there. He was so curious about the method that he stopped by my house the following day to grill me further.

Nothing, nothing at all, speaks louder than one’s accomplishments.

How did you manage to slim down so much?

How did you manage to grab the attention of those young people?

My yard has never been this green.

After hearing about your two wonderful children, I’m curious about your secret to successful parenting.

How did you manage to get that raise?

How did you get your little one comfortable in the water?

Promises of positive outcomes will pique your subscriber’s interest, and they will be reeled in by sharing the specifics of your success story.

We can do it ourselves if we have a plan to follow.

And that’s precisely what we’re hoping for.

Take note of my subject line: “How I get subscribers to read my emails.”

Tips for reading 150 pages per hour

How I Score Free Plane Tickets

Raising a Role Model: * My Experience

How I get a weekly day off work

How I finally put an end to my daily headaches

What I did to lose 12 pounds in two weeks

* The secret to my inexpensive wedding

The Secret to my happy marriage *

* The 30-day plan I used to kick the habit

Everyone who wants something also wants to know how to get it. We don’t feel like figuring things out ourselves and we appreciate your help.

We like to learn from someone who has already succeeded at the same thing we aim for.

This post was written specifically for that reason. Is my setup effective? What do you say? 🙂

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here right now.

However, there is a third element…

Principle #3: Rely on a Tested Formula to Maximize Efficiency and Outcomes.

To be very forthright with you, if you use this method with every mailing you send out, it will eventually stop working.

You should allude to outcomes and highlight individual products, but you can’t use the same subject line for every email.

Affiliate marketing: the mechanics of my profit

What I’ve learned about making money through partnerships

* The business model behind my e-zine

My strategy for monetizing click-throughs

* How I profit from banner ads

* The autoresponder system I use to generate income

It’s only natural that that would grow old after a while. It will soon lose its allure. People watching it repeatedly will cause it to lose its impact.

That’s why having a stock of tested and proven subject line templates to “copy and paste” whenever you need a “grabber” subject line for your emails is essential. You can learn to write effective subject lines by observing the work of your favorite ezine authors, or you can buy a collection of such sequences to use whenever you need them.

That’s why my email list keeps growing and growing. If you want to grow your opt-in list, I recommend focusing on those three areas.

Keep your eye on the prize.
Set an example for them to follow.
Make the most of your time and efforts by starting with a proven template.

Are you prepared to learn from Jimmy D. Brown how to increase the percentage of people who open, read, and take action on your emails? Then go to and get a copy of Subject Line Secrets. You’ll get 20 tried-and-true templates plus a list of the words (and phrases) that attract people to open your emails.

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