Since 1980, Old Toyland Shows has organized toy
collectors' shows for old, obsolete, and collectible
toys and models. While there are many ways to
conveniently buy and sell collectible toys (Ie.
mailorder, internet, auctions) the big advantages
of toy shows are 1) hold and touch toys or collectibles,
2) see the condition of items up close, 3) talk with vendors and those that share your passion for collecting, 4) experience the thrill of a live event, and 5) take your purchases home the same day you buy them...If you haven't attended a toy collectors' meet, do so! You'll love it!!
We have two types of shows. The first is a general toy show for all categories of collectible toys, antique toys, steel, models, diecast, etc.
The second is a model car, kit, and diecast show for just these items