Using Spiritual Quantum Physics To be able to Heal Your Pets



Lory and I have got three pets. There are a couple of parakeets, Sunny (yellow and green) and Sky (sky blue). Sunny is feminine and is older (8 years). We also have our doggy “Dixie”.

Last week Sunny began to show some symptoms that individuals did not like. She appeared to want to do nothing but sleep with her head under the woman’s wings. It was heartbreaking to view Sky nuzzle up close to her and silently talk to the woman. Parakeets move their particular beaks as if they communicate, but no sound happens. He didn’t understand what had been happening.

We did not know what to do. You really can’t require a small parakeet from an animal medical practitioner, and if you did, who also could pay the excessive prices they are not charging?

Lory kept the cage clean up and put alfalfa, vitamins, and MSM into their food and waters. We even tried many drops of Rescue Therapy (Bach Flower Remedies. )

It helped a little in addition, she ate a little but slept with her head within her wing almost all morning.

Then one day, we saw she was having a problem holding onto the perch and leaning up against your aligner play bird on the set for support.

It was a chance to do something more!

Several years ago, we had another parakeet called Moogie. He had the same symptoms. In addition, towards the end, he employs his beak to hold on top of the cage to keep it from falling. It broke our hearts to watch him get. We did not know what to try and do. He passed on, and we nestled him in a match pack in the flower bed.

Although we were determined this was not about to happen to Sunny. During considered one of my morning meditations, a thought came to me. “Why not try to heal your girlfriend the way you and Lory mend yourselves? ”
Use Lifetime Force.

The Laws connected with Spiritual Quantum Physics inform us that everything is energy and everything is connected. Most of us use our meditations to draw more life force from the quantum ocean into our auras. Why not send considerably more life force into Sunny’s aura?

I don’t know in the event parakeets have a chakra method as humans do nevertheless, they do have an aura as those do. You can see it.

And we both started with a very easy distance healing exercise. We may stand in front of the competition, look at Sunny and maintain her in our mind’s attention.

Then we would take becomes during the day, sending her vitality. Here is what we did.

I had to hold my left hand out there, palm up and calm down and pull the life push out of the quantum ocean directly into my palm. (Try that you can feel the energy going into and the hand vibrate. ) Then I would, with my thoughts (Spiritual Quantum Physics furthermore tells us All Is Brain! ), breathe it into my lungs and spread it throughout my chakra system. Then I would level my right hand from Sunny (left hand continue to open and point up) and breathe the energy out there and into her.

I felt three times was adequate to start.

Lory would do the actual same in the afternoon.

Sun-drenched started to come around. I made sure we were on the accurate trail. So I did considerably more meditation. Then I recalled the things I will call “the pendulum rainbow healing exercise. Micron, I hadn’t practised the item or even thought about it for some time.

I. F., my non-secular master, taught me numerous things (all verbal) 40 years previously when I studied as his / her chela. He told me that many of the things he distributed to me were ‘seed thought”. Thoughts he would put deeply into my subconscious, which would rise to the surface sometime soon when I needed them. My partner and I sure needed it currently for Sunny.

Here is what he/she did. He would ask me for one of my hand palms right up, and he would hold his / her wood pendulum over it if I needed it to rotate clockwise. He spun it consequently fast; I thought it would disappear. Then he would mentally get started with the rainbow sequence. Light, red, orange, yellow, environmentally friendly, blue, indigo, violet, and finished with white. He was consequently powerful that I could truly feel my aura filling having each of the colours. It only needed 5 minutes, but I felt completely energized when he accomplished it.

Now I was going to do this pendulum healing with Sunny. I possibly could not ask her to set her palm out, and I didn’t want to stand presently spinning a pendulum ahead of the cage. So I incorporated a different one of the Laws of Faith-based Quantum Physics.

I came to a stick figure regarding Sunny on a 3×5 credit card and placed her label below it. According to radionics, this would now become in the same way real as she has been herself.

I held our pendulum over the 3×5 credit card. I started to spin our wood pendulum clockwise while visualizing that this drawing displayed Sunny’s aura, and the shades I sent were entering it and healing the woman. Five minutes,

Sunny grew to be more active and even chirped a bit. The sky was satisfied. It has only been about three days, and she continues to sleep a lot, but she’s not leaning against the plastic-type bird for support and also hops around the limbs a lot more. She is eating more today.

We will keep this up right up until she is all better.

Almost everything is energy, and almost everything is connected. This means we could be connected to animals and chickens just as much as to other people.

All of us live in an infinite sea of energy called the Quantum Sea, the Mind of Our god. Our minds are a little piece of the Mind of Our god, and we have been given the true gift to co-create, exactly like God. We are all fledging gods.

In the bible, this says that we can do issues even greater than HIM. You can surely use this ocean of one’s to heal.

This is the wonderful gift of the Age of Aquarius.

You can use these procedures using any of your pets.

P. S i9000. Here is one more healing exercising I thought up. When I select my walk around the baseball court, I carry Bright and Sky on my shoulder blades. I start by breathing and expanding my aura so that it is at least 7 ft around me. Then I inhale life force out of the heavens and into my feeling. As I visualize the energy getting into my aura, I also view it entering the auras associated with Sunny and Sky or even who is sitting on my shoulder blades.

Learn how to bring your domestic pets into your aura when you want to talk about energy with them. Your Mind is the greatest gift. It permits you to share energy with and contact anyone or anything in the whole universe. Start considering bigger thoughts. Think your thoughts.

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