Ways to Increase Website Visits Every Day.


How to Increase Website Visits Every Day

I. Opening Remarks

II. Online Indexes

Search Engine Results Page Positions III

Three hit the links!

Forums & Message Boards, Part IV

The Final Chapter

I. Opening Remarks

Webmasters’ number one wish is for their sites to receive constant visitors.

The purpose of this post is to offer some suggestions for increasing site visits. What you do with your web traffic is up to you once you have it flowing.

In the first place, the following regions, not listed in any particular order, are the primary sources of visitors to websites:

Web Site Indexes, No. 1

Second, Online Search

3. Anchor and go!

Forums and message boards 4

Below, we’ll discuss these points in further depth.

Part Two: Online Indexes

While I would not recommend a web directory to increase visitors, I have found that positive PR has helped my site rise in Google search results. When displaying search results, Google also considers a site’s PageRank (PR; range: 1-10). The consensus is that a more excellent PR should result in a higher search engine ranking for your listing.

In a nutshell, the quantity and quality of inbound links ultimately determine your page rank or PR. More high-quality inbound links mean a higher PR and, in turn, greater search engine ranks.

That’s why using various link pages and online directories is so convenient. Your site’s PageRank (PR) would rise in proportion to the PR of the page you linked to. Your PR value, rankings, and traffic would all improve if you could secure links on numerous PR6 websites, for instance.

You may wonder, “Where can I locate online encyclopedias and indexes?” It’s not hard to do: Visit Google and conduct a search for your desired phrase plus the word “directory.” If “Cat” was the keyword, then “Cat directory” would be the search phrase and several Cat directories would be returned.

Part Three: Link Up!

When looking for a good laugh, many people turn to Ebaumsworld. There are presently around 750,000 monthly unique visitors. However, while searching for “jokes,” ebaumsworld does not appear in the first 100 results. Then why does Ebaumsworld receive so much monthly traffic?

Ebausmsworld does this primarily through inbound links. Intriguingly, a Google count of backlinks revealed that Ebaumsworld had amassed 9,550.

Let’s face it: traveling to different websites and submitting your link 9,550 times is a pretty time-consuming way to build backlinks.

Having GOOD CONTENT is the only way to attract many natural inbound connections.

The two best methods I’ve found after researching popular websites are:

1 Digital File/Video

2 Contents

The emphasis at Ebaumworld.com is on abundant media rather than articles.
Downloads and other forms of media provide a pleasant break from the sea of text that can be found on most websites and so are popular with web users.

Your website traffic will increase as you begin to produce a significant quantity of articles and media/downloads, and this is especially true if the quality of these articles and downloads is high.

Articles also have the added benefit of being easily shareable across a network of similar sites. Including your link at the end of your essay is a great way to generate a lot of inbound links.

Search engines highly value articles, but more on that and other SEO topics are forthcoming.

Part Four: Online Indexes

If you can rank in the top 30 results for widely used search phrases, search engines are fantastic traffic generators for your website. Backlinks and page rank play a significant role in Google rankings.

Onpage Optimization is yet another factor in addition to those above two.

Editing your HTML code to make it search-engine friendly is what on-page optimization entails.

This may involve adjusting meta tags, descriptions, keywords, and material order.

Simple Methods to Increase Website Visits Through On-Page Optimization

Start with the H1 tag.

Verify that your target keyword is included in this tag.

Put in some H2 headings.

This is essentially a subheading. Therefore, it should contain your primary keyword.

3 Distribute the keywords evenly

Keep your keyword in mind as you write the material and use it frequently without overdoing it. Make sure to sprinkle references to it throughout the paper. Here is where your knowledge and practice in creating articles will be helpful. When writing articles, be sure to

I have much more to say about Onpage Optimization, but you can read more about it in the essay dedicated to RIGHT HERE.

Forums and Message Boards

Forums are a fantastic medium for spreading your message and attracting new visitors to your website.

Use http://www.google.com with your search term and the word ‘forums’ to locate such discussion boards.

“Cat forums,” for instance. Be sure to maintain a record of each one. You should update this frequently.

When you sign up, it’s a good idea to add your website’s URL and briefly explain what the site is about. Maintaining an active presence in the forums by posting frequently and updating signatures to reflect site updates will bring in a consistent stream of visitors.

‘Catland.com – ‘How to make cats happy’ article just posted 12/34/04′ is an example of a possible signature.

You’ll also notice a few common inquiries from newcomers on these boards.

The subject “How should I groom my Cat?” appears frequently in online discussion groups dedicated to felines.

If you take the time to write an article covering all the most common queries, you can point newcomers there whenever they have one. This will bring in new visitors, and once your site has excellent material, you can count on them returning and bringing their friends.

VI – Wrapping Up

There are constantly fresh strategies to increase website visitors. Business cards and other offline forms of advertising can also be helpful. You haven’t even started your journey yet! Finally, I’d want to stress the need to consistently generate new content to maintain a steady stream of repeat visitors.

I hope this helps, and best of luck with your efforts to increase website visitors!

Kevin Allman has been working as a webmaster for over a decade. His website, [http://www.pzeta.org/seo_global/], is dedicated to SEO. This has many tips on how to make your site better.

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