What is the Best Strategy for Instagram Ads?


Your ads have various goals to achieve, whether boosting an organic Instagram post or creating one from scratch. Guide to buy instagram followers.

Selecting your desired outcomes helps determine an audience, content and call to action for your campaign while also helping choose the ideal ad format.

1. Visuals

An effective Instagram ad relies on its visuals for maximum impact and conversions, whether choosing visuals that communicate a story or using image ads to showcase products in your catalog.

Carousel ads effectively engage your target audience from frame to frame, creating an immersive narrative around images that display your products or services. Plus, they make it easy to promote multiple items without needing an Instagram hashtag!

Repurposing organic content that performs well on Instagram to create ads is an efficient way to save both time and resources. Tap the ad button on a post to set a promotion goal, select an audience (and audience segmentation), and set your budget before sharing with followers. Clover used this strategy successfully to increase mobile app downloads among 18-35-year-old singles.

2. Call-to-action

Setting clear goals should determine the type of ad you create, its format selection, how you target it, and which metrics you measure. Instagram ads provide various formats, including single-image photo ads, carousel ads, and video ads – use those which correspond with your advertising objective!

Ideally, when driving website traffic is your goal, focus on creating remarketing audiences filled with people who have interacted with your organic content or products in the past and who may already have converted. Retargeted audiences tend to convert more effectively and cost less to target than top-of-funnel prospects.

Instagram also allows businesses to take advantage of product content blocks, which effectively target existing customers with specific product offerings and increase sales while optimizing your return on ad spend (ROAS). With Sprout’s paid performance reports for Instagram ads, businesses can ensure they’re making the most of their investment by tracking campaign metrics to ensure their ad spend pays off!

3. Time of day

Instagram ads are an effective way for businesses to increase traffic and sales. Because this mobile-first platform caters to user consumption of content while on the go, e-commerce brands that want to reach their target audiences are well served with this medium of promotion.

When advertising on Instagram, your campaigns must have clear goals guiding their creation and dissemination. Your goals will dictate what type of ad you develop, its format, and how it targets its intended audience.

If your goal is to increase brand recognition, using images representing your business while telling a narrative will ensure your ad stands out in the feed and allows audiences to recognize it as part of your advertising strategy. Incorporating a call-to-action that aligns with your campaign objective – for instance, an invitation such as “Learn More” might be suitable if lead generation is your objective.

4. Location

One effective strategy to meet Instagram ad goals is targeting people based on location. This method allows you to target specific neighborhoods or individual users who may visit your physical business – perfect for local companies that wish to increase foot traffic.

Be mindful when selecting your targeting options; Instagram’s algorithms are designed to identify relevant content for each audience member so that over-targeting could decrease results significantly.

As you create an Instagram ad, keep these things in mind: images speak volumes – choose photos and videos with striking imagery to draw the eye and ensure your ad copy matches its overall objective. Instagram provides safe zones to protect logos or sensitive information that could get cropped off on different devices or screen sizes from being posted as ads.

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