Writing and Advertising Secrets Element II – “What is definitely Real, Neo? “


I like the Matrix. The movie effortlessly rocks. It is filled with intelligence, brilliant acting, a superb plot, and a profound philosophical message.

Too as some kick-ass steps scenes. Who wouldn’t wish to learn to master Jiu Jitsu in 5 seconds?

The list of postulates in that movie is defined as this:

What is real?

This isn’t going to be a philosophical odyssey into what life is or anything like its instructions. We’ll have some simple actual relevance (no offense, Descartes! ).

But when it comes to writing, you’ll see how what we SUPPOSE persuades us and turns into our reality through the prepared word.

Great copywriters learn this and play about it. For example, let’s do the simple generic headline:

“Now You Can Enjoy the Kind of AUTHENTIC Results the Pros Get instructions With HALF the Effort, ONE HALF the Time and HALF the charge! ”
This is a great subject or sub-headline because it is filled with words that cause people to assume certain items in the copywriter’s favor. That plays upon our presumptions by SEEMING to be specific, yet is quite vague.

Numerous “trigger words” result in us engaging our good friend called “The Assumer,”: the one that makes assumptions centered around these words. Is it possible to spot the trigger words and phrases? Yes? No? Here these are:


Let’s dissect it and also focus on the word “REAL” to see how the Matrix of copywriting can persuade us using its word illusions.

Facing REAL mean in the previously mentioned statement? Think about it. I will provide you with the Jeopardy theme here when you do so.

Okay, back. Performed you think about it? What does “REAL Results” mean? What performed you assume when you studied “REAL Results”?

If you are similar to another human being in this world, you’ll conclude it means you will get a result if you use the data this copywriter is offering.

Is it true you are going to get results? From your most technical baseline viewpoint, YES! Of course, you’ll get effects, but here’s the catch- you will get results whether you apply the information or not. Furthermore, you will get results even if you are unaware of the product!

Just how is this possible? Stick with me personally here.

You get “real” outcomes every single second of your life. When you attend work when you go to church. Whenever you pay your taxes.

Anything you are doing right within this moment yields SOME sort of outcome. Where there is the cause, there is impact.

“Please, ma Cherie. We have told you. We are all victims associated with causality. I drank a lot of wine; I must take a p*ss. Cause and effect. Inch – The Merovingian

Effortless sleeping at night, the result is you will be being rested. When you are resting here reading this post, you will be getting some sort of “REAL” perceptive result. This is a truism. “Results” are ALWAYS happening, every one second of your life.

Okay, My spouse and I admit this may seem specifically obvious and pointless for you to point out. And you may always be asking what I’m acquiring. But when copywriters (good ones) use words similar to “REAL” or “INSTANTLY” or maybe “HALF” (such as in the example, they are accomplishing certain things:

1) They are stating some sort of truism and using it that may help you.

2) They’re conveying an account or opinion, NOT a truth.

The copywriter mentions a truism or an apparent truth for number one above rapid. The thing is, the writer is using the phrase “Real Results” to make ever-present phenomena seem specific to your requirements. Actual Results – it will not mean anything. It’s just a way to get attention to have you reading.

Stop along with think about that for a small.

If you have thought about that for a second, you might realize that copywriters aren’t selling reality; they can be selling a story or judgment.

There IS no “real. ” It can all be an opinion, an impression, much like the Matrix. “REAL Results”? What does that mean? It means everything and nothing to everybody; that makes it so freaking brilliant! It works on our assumptions (desires) and eventually guides us toward becoming persuaded by the copy we have read.

Do you get it? There is no “REAL Result.” Real, within this context, is simply what the artist wants you to think.

Oh, haha! Do I see a lamp going off over the head?

Other ambiguous words which play with our assumptions tend to be:


TRUE (The 1 TRUE Path to Wealth)

IMMEDIATE (How You Can Have INSTANT Access to… )

OVERNIGHT (“I Gained $4, 326. 05 Overnight” – this word frequently ignores the considerable time investment installed before they earned this particular “overnight” sum… )



TOP EARNER — if the top earner earns $500 per month, that isn’t too impressive! Yet all of us assume that “top earner” must equate to RICH.

$99. 95

Hold on to another; why would $99? ninety-five be an “opinionated” term? It’s pretty literal as well as explicit.

To answer that, a few take a look at these two prices:



Which one do you want to get immediately? If you’re like the rest of us, you’ll want to buy the subsequent one for $499. 97 even though the $0. 05 variation is negligible. The second price tag SEEMS is significantly cheaper than the first on a visual base alone.

What is written is usually five cents short of $500, but our brains VIEW $400. So we go for it quickly.

Do an exercise – the next time you shop, be aware of how many items are out there. Conclusion: “95, 98 or maybe 99? as in $19. 97, $29. 97, $49. 99 etc.

You will see an abundance of this kind of attribute because it plays when our assumptions, just as what REAL, INSTANTLY, etc., enjoy our sense of what is possible on earth.

So realize that there is no such thing as REAL or maybe HALF when it comes to this situation of copywriting because these phrases can’t be quantified in almost all physical sense.

“Learn The game of golf in Half the Time”? Fifty percent of the time of what? Fifty percent of the time, according to who? 12 months? A day? See how we help make these generalized assumptions?

At this point, I’ll tell you something. Though I realize all of this, and I can see right through good copy… the idea STILL works for me! Call it a curse or possibly a blessing – the fact is still that we have psychological keys that, when pushed, make us feel and work in specific ways.

And this is what great copywriting aims to accomplish. So start using these approaches TODAY, and you’ll have… INSTANTANEOUS results.

Expose the writing Matrix!

“You have to give time to all go, Neo. Dread, doubt and disbelief. Cost-free Your Mind! ”

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