Methods for Cleaning a Computer of Malware and Spyware


What Exactly Is Spyware/Malware?

Spyware is software that secretly monitors your computer and gathers information about you. This includes everything from the sites you browse to the security of your passwords and login credentials. Because it consumes necessary system resources, it may slow down your computer or even bring it to a complete halt if the infection is severe. To obtain unauthorized access to your computer, malicious malware must first infiltrate it. Malicious software might expose your computer to other threats, hijack your browser, and flood you with advertisements for useless “cleaners” and “security suites.”

Destroying It

Even though many products are available, I always start with Malwarebytes because I believe it to be the most effective.

The post concludes with download links for both of these open-source programs.

Computer malware can be detected and removed with the help of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (MBAM). It was first available in January 2008 and was developed by Malwarebytes Corporation. A free version can detect and remove malware when manually launched, and a premium version can be purchased for scheduled scans, real-time protection, and a flash memory scanner.


To begin the installation, follow these steps: 1. Click the link above to download the file 2. Stick to the on-screen prompts.

Second, when the installation is complete, a confirmation screen will appear. If you’re done, make sure the two boxes are checked.

Similar to antivirus programs, the program will automatically update its virus definitions.

Click “Decline” in the next window because we only need the accessible version.

Then, choose to scan thoroughly, and hit the Scan button. Scanning can take up to 2 hours on a badly infected PC, and the program is resource-intensive, so it’s best not to use the computer during that time.

If you have any infections, you will get a screen at the end of the scan letting you know the process is complete. To see the outcomes, click OK, then Show.

This page displays the number of infections, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand.

The infection will be removed from the computer after step 8 when you press the uninstall chosen button. This screen and a log file will likely be displayed once the removal is complete. Simply restarting the computer should clear it of any malware.

Another excellent anti-spyware application is Super Spy antiSpyware. It’s simple to set up and has a high rate of detection. Like many other free software options, they also have a premium, paid edition with more bells and whistles.


Follow the above link to download and install the software. Make sure the toolbar isn’t installed when you’re installing. Just double-click the desktop shortcut to launch.

Then, after telling it to “completely scan” your computer, you can press the “Scan your computer” button.

Third, on the right, choose the drives you want to scan (they will be selected by default), and then tap Start complete scan.

Once you click “Start Scan,” will analyze your file for potential dangers and provide you with a scan summary. When the scan is finished, and a new screen appears, click “Continue.”

5. The discovered threats are displayed in a list on the following screen. Threats can be deleted by selecting the Delete Threats button.

Six, you’ll have to reboot the computer to get rid of the malware for good. Just hit the reset button.

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