What Events Happen in Madrid?


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Spaniards love children and animals alike, so don’t be surprised to find yourself cooing at adorable pets on the street. Additionally, this city is very laidback about public displays of affection; couples walking hand in hand without receiving any criticism for it.

Festival of the Virgen de La Paloma

Madrid is one of Europe’s most diverse cities and hosts an abundance of cultural and religious festivities throughout the year, from traditional processions to cutting-edge art exhibitions – there’s sure to be something of interest in Madrid for everyone!

The Festival of La Paloma is an iconic summertime event in Madrid’s summer calendar, honoring one of its patron saints – La Virgen de La Paloma. Running from August 12-16th, streets such as La Latina, Almendro, and Plaza de la Paja come alive with celebration as people dressed in traditional chulapa costumes dance chaotic across these four days of revelry.

While this festival has an important religious component, its primary goal is to honor and promote Madrid’s rich cultural traditions. Locals decorate their streets, buildings, and balconies to commemorate this special event, with prizes awarded for the best-decorated street, building, balcony, or urban ensemble decoration.

At this festival, there is also an array of food, drink, and music events, such as choral competitions, regional dance performances, and zarzuela opera performances. Finally, it concludes with an enormous parade to commemorate La Paloma Virgin as she works towards protecting and sanctifying Madrid city.

Attractions taking place throughout Madrid during summer include numerous flamenco and theatre performances, major groups and artists touring, concerts in one of Madrid’s many great venues, and much more.

Valentine’s Day may not be a public holiday in Spain, but most Madrilenos still observe it with enthusiasm. Couples can spend an intimate and memorable evening together exploring Madrid — perhaps dining at a restaurant with an exclusive Valentine’s menu or dancing to flamenco and live music performances in one of many dance clubs that host special Valentine’s events.

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

Vogue’s night out event takes place on September 7, and Madrid’s premier shops and stores open their doors for all to experience this year’s collection of shows, music performances, and activities themed around Vogue magazine.

Museo del Prado is one of Spain’s foremost museums and hosts an extensive series of exhibits throughout the year based on both permanent collections and temporary shows that feature art, photography, painting, sculpture science, and history – something for every art enthusiast to appreciate!

Festival de Otono offers something for those interested in theater and dance: it offers a month-long festival featuring theatre, music, and dance performed at some of the city’s premier theaters and venues – up-and-coming artists as well as world-famous performers can all be found there! Additionally, Suma Flamenca takes place across different locations around town throughout August with flamenco singing, dancing, and guitar-playing performances by top flamenco performers.

ARCO, Madrid’s International Contemporary Art Fair, attracts galleries from Europe and America and allows attendees to browse and purchase works by both up-and-coming and established artists.

From religious parades and cutting-edge arts festivals to one of Europe’s biggest pride parades, Madrid always has something happening! Knowing what events are on can help maximize your time here – be it for just a one-weekend trip or for life itself.

Christmas in Mexico City begins with La Inmaculada Concepcion on November 8 and continues until Reyes on January 6 – during this time the streets come alive with festive spirit and illuminations while many shops close early; New Year’s Eve celebrations can go until the early morning hours on January 1. People gather around Puerta del Sol listening to bells ring out before devouring grapes on each toll in hopes of good fortune in 2019.


As Madrid offers plenty of reasons for visitors to come, being aware of what’s happening every day in the city will only add to your enjoyment of your visit. From traditional religious parades to cutting-edge arts festivals and one of Europe’s largest Pride parades, Madrid has something special in store for everyone year-round. Here are some noteworthy events taking place all around Madrid year-round.

Virgen de La Paloma, August 11: This annual street party takes place in La Latina around the Church of La Paloma which honors Mary as Virgin Mother, making for an enjoyable way to experience real Madrid culture and make lasting memories!

Corpus Christi, June: While not one of Spain’s main holidays, Corpus Christi is celebrated with large processions and festivities across Madrid’s Chueca neighborhood. July brings Madrid Pride (MADO), one of Europe’s biggest LGBTIQA+ events that draws up to two million attendees over its week-long run and offers live entertainment, food vendors, and an incredible Pride parade!

San Isidro Festival (May 3-15): Madrid celebrates their patron saint with grand festivities throughout town to commemorate San Isidro Day, with festivities in all corners of the city and traditional costumes worn by cheapos and Chiapas offering traditional fare like rosquillas (Spanish donuts) and lemonade to their revelers.

Dos de Mayo, May 2: This day commemorates a valiant yet ultimately unsuccessful uprising against French occupation in 1808 which was brutally put down, as depicted by Francisco Goya’s El Tres de Mayo en Madrid painting. Events will include parades, rock concerts, and flamenco performances throughout Madrid on this date.

Valentine’s Day in Spain: Although not an official public holiday, Spaniards recognize this romantic day by booking tables at candlelit restaurants or going to Corral de la Moreria to watch an intimate flamenco performance.

Caixa Forum Summer Nights: Every Thursday and Friday during the summer months, talented musicians, dancers, and poets perform in an outdoor concert venue hosted by the Caixa Forum art and Cultural Center. Perfect for music fans and culture seekers in Madrid.

New Year’s Eve

Madrid is known for its food and festivities on New Year’s Eve, but Madrid ups the ante by providing one last spectacular spectacle before waving goodbye to 2018. Thousands of Madrilenos gather at Puerta del Sol to welcome in 2018 with family and friends before Madrid’s clock strikes midnight – many dancers then head off to Kapital discotecas like these for unforgettable parties that last all night long over seven floors full of hardcore music and excitement!

As much as Madridians enjoy late-night clubbing, many prefer more subdued celebrations with family. The winter holidays begin on Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) and last until Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings Day), when all lights and decorations come alive across the city. These festivities are especially spectacular in Madrid Rio, which transforms into an illuminated riverbank featuring illuminated bridges – creating an enchanting spectacle during these Winter celebrations!

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