What Should I Do to Adapt My Business Marketing to the Internet?


The corporate landscape is shifting swiftly. The internet, voice-over IP, video conferencing, email support, call centers, and answering services. Business owners must make countless choices that our forebears never encountered.

You may have heard from other professionals that Internet marketing is the best strategy for expanding your clientele and establishing a reliable network of returning buyers. The catch is you’ve just mastered the art of mass emailing people. Don’t bother about search engine optimization, site design principles, content analysis, pay-per-click, return on investment, etc.

Do you use a professional SEO service or teach yourself?

We business owners are great at devoting our time and energy to our enterprises, but when it comes to expanding our knowledge, we often pay for advice from whoever looks to be the most credible source. That’s the worst choice you could make.

If you haven’t been taught how to budget your money sensibly, diving headfirst into the internet marketing industry is a recipe for catastrophe. The trick is to be wary of any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms interested in taking your money and promoting your business covertly. Seek out a person or company that provides “training services” to educate yourself or a member of your team on the online requirements, time commitment, and potential dangers.

If you’re a business owner and pick a company online without researching, you might not know what you’re getting into. There are no shortcuts to success when marketing your business online. However, anyone with access to a computer can learn the basics of SEO and use them to boost their company’s visibility online. Search engines don’t care if you’re trying to pull a fast one. Instead, they are focused on providing accurate information in response to your query.

Traditional advertising methods:

Print media such as business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, newspapers, magazines, television commercials, and radio ads were traditionally (and still are usually) used by business owners to promote their companies. This would allow the company to observe the effects of trial and error, allowing them to determine what is most effective in their field.

Traditional advertising consists mainly of a process of trial and error. The web is, too. Business owners often have no idea where, to begin with internet marketing, so they never even get their toes wet. Many business owners, however, will hire the first person they come across that appears credible, hand over their money, and say, “Here’s my budget; you are the professional; you tell me what to do.” This is entirely absurd. You’ve gotten where you are now through hard effort, learning, and adaptation, only to stop learning and adapting to online marketing for your business.

I hope at least this piece has awakened some of you. Don’t be hesitant to explore the limitless possibilities of online advertising. No big deal if you bomb the first attempt. Our website now outranks many other international internet marketing firms even though we began knowing nothing.

The ultimate key to successful online advertising is…

What I like to refer to as “T.I.M.E.”

T – Attempt, attempt, attempt

The Internet constantly evolves.

Every door you open is a potential marketing opportunity.

E – You, too, will achieve success in time

Consider it in this light (This is only an example)

Here is a schedule for your online advertising effort:

The research Phase Began on June 7, 2005

A web designer was contracted on August 31, 2005.

Finished Website – October 15, 2005

On October 20, 2005, the website went live.

Launched online advertising initiative on November 1, 2005
Pay-per-click advertising initiative launched on November 10, 2005
Gained a client on November 15, 2005

Added more links to our website on January 1, 2006
The Google Sandbox Effect: A Website’s Worst Nightmare – January 20, 2006
We’ve ramped up our PPC effort as of February 5th, 2006

Updated the webpage with new content – February 21, 2006
Boost your site’s link popularity by today’s date (February 28)
Added to Yahoo’s search index on March 3, 2006

Ten months after launching, your website may still be “locked in the Google sandbox” (for an explanation, see “Google Sandbox” on Google). Your site’s link popularity is only just beginning to rise. Hopefully, you aren’t just linking to any old business but linking to those that have something to do with your own. Success with your pay-per-click strategy. At long last, traffic from search engines like Yahoo and MSN is beginning to trickle in. Sometimes your business may not even appear until the 200th page of Google search results, leaving you to wonder why things are taking so long.

Congratulations on leaping online business promotion!

If we want to succeed online, we must remember that “T.I.M.E.” is the key and that all it takes to get there is persistence and a willingness to learn new things whenever possible, as depicted by the timeline diagram above.

Most people won’t learn anything in 10 months if they don’t open their wallets, and the websites of everyone else who launches an internet marketing campaign but doesn’t just open their wallets are probably ten times further along than yours.

In summary:

Find out more about how to improve your online advertising strategy. If necessary, recruit an in-house expert to do the research and keep you informed. It’s essential to hire an SEO firm for the right reasons, such as “starting and finishing a marketing campaign with you learning in the process,” “improving an existing campaign,” “revising your website’s conversion rate,” “creating an impactful keyword optimization campaign,” etc. Use “T.I.M.E.” to build your online presence gradually and steadily over time.

I’m glad you found this article interesting.

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